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How do I Import and N4 Schedule in a Jace with 3.8?
Last Updated 7 years ago

You cannot currently discover a N4 Supervisor schedule in a Jace running 3.8 but here is a work around:

  • Log into the AX 3.8 JACE
  • Open the NiagaraNetwork
  • Open the NiagaraStation for the supervisor
  • Open the Niagara Schedule Device Ext
  • Change the view to the Niagara Schedule Import Manager
  • Click on the New button
  • Select the type of schedule you want to import from the supervisor and click on the OK button
  • Enter the name as the same name of the schedule that you want to import from the supervisor
  • Enter the schedule ID as the slot path to the schedule in the supervisor (e.g. slot:/Schedules/Kitchen_Extract)
  • Enable the schedule and click on the OK button
Now, if you select that schedule from the list and click on the Import button, it should connect and successfully import the schedules from the supervisor into the JACE.

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